Pat Robertson: Nothing In The Bible Says Polygamy Is ‘Against The Bible’

Today on “The 700 Club,” Pat Robertson once again tackled the issue of polygamy, declaring that instances of polygamy in the Bible may have been justifiable in certain historical contexts, polygamy is wrong nonetheless.

The televangelist explained that “God didn’t change his mind” about polygamy, but that men were allowed to marry more than one woman in parts of the Bible because “a man can take care of several wives whereas one wife can’t take care of several husbands.”

“I think, in the early days, there must have been more women than men and multiple wives were standard stuff in the primitive societies, and they still are in Africa,” he said.

Now, Robertson said, people don’t have more than one spouse because “the culture has changed” and the New Testament didn’t endorse it. “God didn’t change his mind but the culture changed.”

Robertson, who attacked same-sex marriage as unbiblical because marriage is exclusively a union between one man and one woman, then said that he didn’t know of “anything in the Bible that indicates that polygamy, as such, is against the Bible.”