Pat Robertson: America Is Embracing ‘Bizarre Types Of Sexuality’

Today on “The 700 Club,” Pat Robertson fielded a question from a viewer who asked how her son should approach a college art class assignment to write a report on “pictures of gay couples in long-term relationships.”

Robertson said that he should write a report “saying that this wasn’t art and expressing the fact why it wasn’t good.”

“He’s in a bind,” Robertson said. “We’re looking at a culture that is just going to pot. It is giving itself over to bizarre types of sexuality. It isn’t that people didn’t practice these things throughout history it’s just that they didn’t get constitutional sanction.”

“I think the best way to do it is to see those pictures and criticize why they aren’t any good, why they’re not good art,” he added, before harkening back to the culture wars of the early 1990s by attacking museums that feature the works of gay artist Robert Mapplethorpe.