Pastor: Gay Parents one of the ‘Most Devastating Things’ in the ‘History of Mankind’

Kevin Swanson of Generations with Vision Ministry this week on his radio show hailed the roundly criticized Mark Regnerus study on gay parenting, but warned that the purportedly harmful effects of same-sex parents are still unknown. After maligning other studies that didn’t observe significant differences between the children of same-sex and opposite-sex couples with cohost Dave Buehner and making a comparison between studies of gay parents with studies of suicide bombers, Swanson declared that the “generational outcome of kids raised in homosexual families” will be “mind-blowing” and “one of the most devastating things we have ever seen in the history of mankind”:

Swanson: They were saying ‘hey all the studies today pointed out that there is no real difference between children raised in homosexual families and those raised by the average nuclear family out there,’ now what [Mark] Regnerus was saying is that apparently these other studies are looking at whether or not these young people grow up to accept the homosexual lifestyle themselves. So of course the measures tend to feed those who wanted to see that the outcome was good, in other words, the studies are going to be relative to what the studies perceive to be the good, a good outcome. A good outcome is going to be something that is going to be worldview oriented and oriented to the people that are doing the studies.

Buehner: So what you’re saying is, let’s say you were a Palestinian parent and you were raising your child to be a good Palestinian, that would be a child who puts on the suicide vest.

Swanson: Right, and blows up other people in mosques and supermarkets.

Buehner: That would be more measurable to be a good parent.

Swanson: Right, that would be the measure. So if you take a sample size of thirty and twenty-five grow up to put on suicide vests and blow up other people, then that would be a successful story, that would mean these young people grew up very balanced and ready for life. Well the same thing applies of course when you’re doing studies in universities concerning homosexual parenting. According to this guy, apparently he took forty measures of social and emotional relationship outcomes and found out there were substantial differences.

Another thing I think we’re going to find is we don’t have much data yet, he only had a sample size of something like seventy-three adults raised by gay fathers, so that’s not very many, that’s not a big sample size and chances are they are young adults. In fact, they were young adults. Apparently he looked at these young adults that had been raised, 3,000 randomly selected American young adults, probably not quite time yet to determine what the future of these people really looks like.

The generational outcome of kids raised in homosexual families I think is just going to be just mind-blowing. We’re not going to know how many suicides; we’re not going to know how messed up and trashed up these families are, these young people are, as they try to form their own families. Generation by generation by generation you know—you know—that these dysfunctional families that are not proper, traditional families, are going to be more and more dysfunctional as you get into later generations.

Now you’re probably not going to discover this at twenty-four years of age, but when these people turn thirty-six, when they turn forty-eight, when they turn fifty-seven, you’re going to see over the generations that what we’ve done in experimenting with kids, allowing them to be raised in these homosexual families is going to be one of the most devastating things we have ever seen in the history of mankind.