Parsley Declares That The End Times Are Coming

Last weekend, Rod Parsley hosted a Biblical prophecy conference at this World Harvest Church entitled “Collide 2010” at which he, Tim LaHaye, and others warned that we are living in the End Times, declaring this the “rapture generation” and warning those who have not been saved that they had better start hoarding guns, food, and supplies:

Speakers at a recent prophecy conference proclaimed that this is “the rapture generation” as they warned of a looming one-world government and attacks on Israel that could hasten end-times events.

“The last pages of your Bible read like the front pages of your paper,” said conference host Rod Parsley in a dramatic video introduction that included footage of recent earthquakes and other natural disasters. “You are here because you’ve been chosen to live in this final hour.”

Most of the conference attendees were Christians, but during his sermon Sunday Parsley warned people to be rapture-ready. He outlined a chilling scenario for those who might be left behind for “seven years of tribulation,” which he said would be 100 times worse than the devastation from 9/11, Hurricane Katrina and the recent earthquake combined.

“Wrap it all together times 100 and it will not begin to compare with what will be happening in every city in the world,” he said.

Utilizing visual aids including real firearms and backpacks, he said those left behind would need to get out of cities, gather food and Bibles, arm themselves and refuse to take the mark of the beast.

“But I’ve got a better idea,” Parsley said. “Give your life to Jesus today. Don’t miss the rapture.”

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