Parshall Says You Cannot Be Gay And Christian

Last week Kyle noted that Denny Burk of the Southern Baptist Convention is urging Christians to “drop the phrase” “gay Christian” because “Christians never speak of ‘lying Christians, ’ ‘adulterer Christians, ’ ‘fornicating Christians, ’ ‘murderer Christians, ’or ‘thieving Christians.’” On Friday, Religious Right radio talk show host Janet Parshall made a similar claim on her show In The Market, where she criticized a self-described “gay Christian” who wrote to her:

I got an interesting comment from a person who identified themselves as a gay Christian. Now, that is something I want to linger here for two seconds, because either you are a bible-believing born again Christian who’ve confessed your sins and you’ve asked the Lord of your life as Savior and you’ve slid into sin and you’re now currently practicing homosexuality, or, you’re using the word Christian without understanding what the word Christian means. But I will tell you in love, if you are listening to me right now, that if you are a practicing gay Christian you dear friend are in sin. Not because Janet Parshall said so, you’re in sin because the bible says any sex outside of marriage is sin. God in His sovereignty designed sex, now that’s just some people keep forgetting that but it was God who came up with this idea of a man and a woman expressing themselves sexually, but then in His sovereignty and His perfect wisdom he said ‘and, here’s where it’s done: within the parameters of marriage.’ And then, so you wouldn’t have to fumble in the dark, ‘and by the way marriage is defined as one man and one woman.’ But when someone comes along with a sin, and wants the government to put it into statutory law, the men and women of God have no choice but to stand up and say: that’s wrong.