Parlsey: Are You Really Rapture Ready?

In the latest episode of Breakthrough with Rod Parsley, Parsley taught his congregation how to be “Rapture Ready,” which mainly consists of attending church and listening to Rod Parsley. The sermon was full of interesting tidbits about what happens during the rapture (of which Parsley apparently has intimate knowledge) including a dire prediction about the fate of liberal preachers:

Liberal Preachers are going to be the first ones running to churches like this, and have to stand up as the screaming hoards tried to destroy them, tried to kill them. Saying “you could have told me.” Your teenager’s parents will look at you and say “you could have told me. Why did you waste a bunch of time telling me how I ought to feel good about me? Why didn’t you tell me there’s no name under heaven given among men whereby we must be saved except the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Why didn’t you tell me we were at war with radical Islam? Why didn’t you tell me that the antichrist spirit was trying to deceive me through movies, why didn’t you tell me?’ And that liberal preacher’s going to stand there and have to repent and say “I was wrong”