Paranoia-Rama: Muslim Infiltration, Gay End Times And Liberal Killers

RWW’s Paranoia-Rama takes a look at five of the week’s most absurd conspiracy theories from the Right.

Now that gay people and the Muslim Brotherhood have taken over the government, conservative pundits have a lot of thoughts that they want to share — scary thoughts about anti-Christian persecution and a (non-existent) Egyptian court case that may throw two American leaders behind bars.

5) Muslim Infiltration!

Typically, conservative activists hoping to smear Muslim-Americans working in public service claim that they are not opposed to Muslims serving in government, just the ones that they believe are secret agents of the Muslim Brotherhood or other groups.

But not Franklin Graham, who recently expressed anger that any Muslim is serving in government, telling Bill O’Reilly of Fox News that “our government, especially in Washington, has been infiltrated by Muslims who are advising the White House.” When O’Reilly asked Graham to name the Muslim advisers that he is so bothered by, Graham was unable to name a single one.

In another interview, this time with televangelist Gordon Robertson, Graham warned that the Muslims who have purportedly gained control over the government will use their power to persecute Christians in America.

4) President Obama And Hillary Clinton, You’re Under Arrest! In Egypt.

A WorldNetDaily report, written by none other than birther investigator Jerome Corsi, about how the Egyptian government is prosecuting President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for aiding terrorism has started to be picked up by other right-wing outlets eager to publicize the huge news.

None seem to have noticed that Corsi’s claim is not only unfounded, but is rooted an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that the Zionists who “control” America and Israel put the Muslim Brotherhood in power in Egypt in order to divide and bring turmoil to the Islamic world.

Of course, as Snopes points out, the report of the terrorist charges are a complete fabrication that seems to have been based on a misreading of a single post on an Egyptian blog. Not to mention that it would be odd for Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to meet with Obama and Clinton while also accusing them of terrorism.

3) Gay End Times!

Conservative USA Today columnist Cal Thomas says he isn’t worried that the Supreme Court may be on the brink of striking down bans on same-sex marriage, since he and his family will be prepared for the End Times drama that will materialize following such a ruling.

Thomas told Michelangelo Signorile during CPAC last week that such a ruling may not only doom the country, but also the world:

“If you read the Scriptures, as I do, in both testaments all of these things are forecast in prophesies, in the book of Daniel and what Jesus and Paul said, so I’m not worried about it,” Thomas said about such a court ruling. “I say everything is right on schedule. I’m trying to shore up my own family first and, hopefully, that will be an example to other people…. If you look at not only what Jesus said, but Paul the Apostle, about what things would be like in the end times, people will be lovers of lies rather than the truth. They will elevate things that are called abomination in scripture to normality… All of the prophesies up to the final ones have come true. And that’s why I say that everything is right on schedule.”

2) Beware ‘The Despotic Boot Of Sexual Degeneracy’!

BarbWire columnist Gina Miller is outraged that a Mississippi school district has released a new plan to prevent bullying, part of a settlement with the Southern Poverty Law Center in a suit it brought on behalf of a student who said she faced anti-LGBT bullying from teachers and fellow students.

“This is one of the latest examples of members of the radical homosexual movement and their proxies using the courts to advance their tyrannical agenda in the public square,” Miller wrote. “This latest attack on reason was directed at a school district, but at its heart this movement is set against the God of the Bible and His children. It’s not about ‘marriage equality’ or ‘equal rights’ or ‘anti-bullying.’ It’s about subjugating the American people under the despotic boot of sexual degeneracy, the result of which is a crushing of our God-given freedoms, protected by the First Amendment.”

Miller told readers that the “large, powerful, well-funded [LGBT] movement is an evil tool being used against our freedoms and that pesky First Amendment which guards them,” adding that Americans are “watching the foot soldiers of the militant homosexualist brigade leap their way to power over our freedoms” to the point that liberty in the U.S. may be no more.

1) Liberals Want Blood!

Do liberals want to kill everybody?

Yes, yes they do, according to Alex Jones.

While speaking with a conservative “documentary” filmmaker this week, the “InfoWars” host charged that “behind the scenes,” liberals reveal themselves to be “creepy,” “sick,” “demonic villains” who openly say to others, “Listen, when we take over we’re going to kill everybody. We want blood.’”