Paranoia-Rama: Islamists Take Over The White House, Minneapolis Through Subliminal Messages And No-Go Zones

RWW’s Paranoia-Rama takes a look at five of the week’s most absurd conspiracy theories from the Right.

After spending a week denouncing non-existent “no-go zones,” it was no surprise that conservatives steered their anti-Islam anger into attacks on President Obama, especially after his State of the Union address.

5) Bill O’Reilly Had Nothing To Do With Fox’s ‘No-Go Zone’ Mess…

Except that he did, but not according to Bill O’Reilly! The Fox News host, angry that the mayor of Paris threatened to sue Fox News for repeatedly stating that the city was the home of several Islamic “no-go zones” — claims which the network later retracted with four apologies — insisted that he “didn’t have anything to do with this.”

But as Media Matters reports, earlier that month, O’Reilly pushed the Fox News talking points that French no-go zones, where Sharia law is in effect, do in fact exist and were partly to blame for the Paris terrorist attacks: “France brought a lot of this terrorism on itself. We just talked about the no-go zones that they allow. They allow, 10 percent of the population is Muslim. They are all in there, they’re radicalized, they don’t assimilate.”

Of course, no one is surprised that O’Reilly got his facts wrong when reporting about how he and his network got their facts wrong.

4) Is Tony Perkins Too Afraid To Visit Minneapolis?

While Fox News may have backed down from its erroneous reports about Muslim-dominated “no-go zones” [are] forming across Europe, Family Research Council president and conservative talk show host Tony Perkins is sticking to the false claim. In fact, Perkins believes that “no-go zones” have arrived in America, telling “Washington Watch” listeners that Sharia law has effectively taken over Dearborn, Michigan, and parts of Minneapolis:

Of course, neither city has adopted Sharia law, and Rep. Keith Ellison, a Democrat whose district encompasses most of Minneapolis, has invited Perkins to see the city for himself:

I am writing regarding your recent comments about my hometown. As you know, I represent the 5th district, of Minnesota which includes most of Minneapolis. You recently said that you believe parts of our city are so called “no-go zones” where state and federal laws are subordinate to Sharia Law. Having lived in Minneapolis for over two decades, I can assure you this is not true. But I would like you to come see firsthand that Minneapolis is an inclusive and thriving city completely under the jurisdiction of local, state, and federal authorities. The Muslim Americans in Minneapolis help make our vibrant and diverse place to live.

If you accept my invitation it may represent an important step toward interfaith understanding. I would be glad to organize meetings with local and federal enforcement as well as community leaders.

3) Alex Jones: NFL Part Of Obama Cabal

“InfoWars” host Alex Jones lashed out at Internet commenters who criticized his network for writing about the “deflategate” scandal, wondering why Jones is covering sports news instead of the litany of anti-government conspiracy theories he usually pushes to his fans.

Jones defended the coverage, saying that the complainers are missing the fact that the NFL is part of the Obama agenda.

“We wrote about it to expose the NFL run by gambling mafias,” Jones said. “We’re waging war on the Obama-promoting, Obamacare-promoting, anti-gun organization that I want to vomit on, that’s stolen the manhood of our society. I’m not promoting football, I’m hijacking it and I will start hijacking all of these entertainment platforms and taking it over so we can educate the people who only tune into this.”

“You go run an ‘InfoWar’ and if you do better than me, I will give you my job,” Jones added.

2) Treasonous, Diabolical Obama Pushing Extremism

WorldNetDaily columnist Erik Rush was disgusted by President Obama’s State of the Union address, so disgusted in fact that he doesn’t want to even bother “enumerating his dubious intentions and the brazen lies he tells.”

“I believe that the primary value of this address was its potential for having demonstrated to a few million more Americans that this is the most diabolical individual to ever occupy the White House,” Rush said. “The basis of Saul Alinsky’s strategy for political conquest, detailed in his book ‘Rules for Radicals,’ is the widespread use of lies. Given that this tome is the sacred text of Obama and his Cabinet (or co-conspirators, if you prefer), one might interpret the State of the Union address in light of this.”

Rush added that Obama’s pledge to veto additional sanctions on the Iranian government as diplomatic negotiations continue is proof that he is “dedicated to Islamist ascendency, both domestically and abroad.” In fact, he thinks Obama is guilty of treason:

How many times is it worth reiterating that the president of the United States – an individual who attained that office by criminal artifice and systematic deception, by the way – has committed serial treason and is being shielded from the consequences of his actions by corrupt and compromised elected officials? There is a major push on worldwide toward advancing the designs of militant Muslims, minimizing the danger they represent and demonizing all who attempt to realistically frame the argument – and it has all been catalyzed by the individual in the White House. The wholesale failure of Obama’s supposed political opponents to publicly call him out on his crimes is as much of a crime as his own.

1) Obama’s Subliminal Messages

Sandy Rios is always finding new evidence that President Obama is a secret Muslim, and she uncovered indisputable proof of his undisclosed Islamic faith in his latest State of the Union address. After speaking to a caller who was angry that Obama accurately said that Colorado Springs is the home of the Air Force Academy, the American Family Association governmental affairs director suggested that Obama was sending Islamic subliminal messages when he talked about the “pillars” of American greatness.

“The other thing he said that I caught, he has done this before, you know there are five pillars of Islam, and he used the term ‘pillars’ again in his speech last night,” she said. “It is just really interesting, language can actually give us some insight, choices of words.”