Paranoia-Rama: Beyoncé’s Antichrist Agenda, Dictator Bernie Sanders & Obama’s Gay Prostitute Past Revealed

RWW’s Paranoia-Rama takes a look at five of the week’s most absurd conspiracy theories from the Right.

The right-wing meltdown over Beyoncé’s Super Bowl half time show performance and longstanding fears about President Obama and Bernie Sanders have contributed to yet another bizarre week for Paranoia-Rama.

5) Beyoncé Ushering In The Antichrist

When the conservative media went into outrage mode to attack Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance and her “Formation” music video, alleging that she vilified police officers and white people, Sandy Rios of American Family Radio added her own particular twist to the story.

Rios agreed that Beyoncé was “stoking the fires of racism” and “black hatred towards whites and towards policemen” with her “in-your-face black racism,” but also wondered if the singer’s “cop hatred” had biblical implications.

The American Family Association governmental affairs director warned that Beyoncé’s performance will “undermine the law and order of our country” and, as a result, the country will begin “descending into lawlessness.”

She explained that “those of us that understand scripture know that that is a sign of the Last Days” when “the Man of Lawlessness,” or the Antichrist, “will reign.”

4) Obama Ushering In The End Times

Televangelist Pat Robertson is also worried that the End Times are upon us, but “The 700 Club” host blames President Obama for the development.

The president’s foreign policy and military weakness, Robertson said, has created an opening for a Russian-Iranian coalition that will invade Israel “in the latter days.”

3) Bernie’s Brutal Dictatorship

Conservative talk radio host Michael Savage told listeners this week that Bernie Sanders is leading a communist takeover of the U.S. and planning to introduce “naked communism in this country.”

Sanders and his supporters, he said, will “use the street gangs that burned down Baltimore, the street gangs that burned down Ferguson, they will use them as government enforcers as sure as I’m sitting here, they will deputize them, they’ll give them green uniforms and they’ll be used to intimidate the middle class as sure as I’m sitting here.”

Once Sanders turns the U.S. into the Soviet Union, Savage predicted, people wind up being killed and kidnapped by the government. He cited the standoff in Oregon as proof that the media won’t hold the government responsible for such crimes.

2) Civil War A-Brewin’

When the remaining anti-government occupiers of a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon finally surrendered to law enforcement yesterday, Alex Jones delivered a stark message to fans: Prepare for war.

While Jones was always skeptical of the Oregon standoff, he warned that the globalists may use the event to “start a domestic civil war” to finish off America.

Jones said that these nefarious actors “want to set the precedent of rounding-up people that are seen as disreputable, just like Hitler did with the Jews and others that they demonized. That’s why they want to infiltrate and manipulate the Patriot media and the Patriot militia to have us sound violent, to have us sound unhinged so that they can then effect the battle space and try to sell the idea of a war against the American people.”

He said that the federal government is provoking people to the point that there could be a rebellion, in which case the globalists would control that insurgency and turn it into a “socialist/communist-style revolt.” This revolt would then justify federal government plans to hand over power to the United Nations, Jones said, although he hoped that politicians like Texas Gov. Greg Abbott would save the country from such a fate.

1) Just Asking The Question…

Mary Lou Bruner is hoping to join the long line of ultraconservative activists who have won election to the Texas State Board of Education. Thankfully, Gawker’s Ashley Feinberg and the Texas Freedom Network have catalogued Bruner’s right-wing credentials.

Bruner once explained on her Facebook page that the dinosaurs became extinct when all but the tiny babies who could fit into Noah’s Ark were killed in the global flood, and even the little ones eventually died off because they couldn’t find food after leaving the ark, something she says has been proven by the fossil records. This is sound science, unlike evolution, which she says is to blame for school shootings.

Naturally, Bruner also has thoughts on the JFK assassination, which she says was carried out by “socialists and Communists” who thought the president was too conservative; the New World Order, which is apparently determined “to reduce the population of the world by 2/3” through nuclear war, disease and famine; Facebook, which is purportedly delaying or blocking her posts because she is “on Obama’s Terrorist List”; Islam, which she says is “not a religion” but “an inhumane totalitarian political ideology” that seeks “to conquer the USA” and should be banned; and climate change, which “was Karl Marx’s idea.”

She also has many thoughts about President Obama, including his past as a gay drug addict

Obama has a soft spot for homosexuals because of the years he spent as a male prostitute in his twenties. That is how he paid for his drugs. He has admitted he was addicted to drugs when he was young, and he is sympathetic with homosexuals; but he hasn’t come out of the closet about his own homosexual/bisexual background.

… and Obama’s involvement in the arrest of Texas student Ahmed Mohamed:

If you had any doubts about the motivation of the Muslim “clock boy” who made a “clock” using the blueprint of a time bomb, then brought the “clock” to school — possibly this story will help you understand what inspired him.

Was this a “set-up” for the school? Was this an evil scheme to give the Muslim boy an opportunity to claim he was “profiled” because he is a Muslim?

This boy was given a full scholarship and he chose to attend a Muslim school.

Could Obama have been complicit in the scheme from the beginning? Just askin’!!!!!

See, she’s just asking the question.