Panic Sets In

Apparently unable to raise money by touting the GOP’s accomplishments, the National Republican Senatorial Committee hyperventilates that it needs money or else

Every conservative ideal we’ve fought for over the last six years . . . might be erased this November.

The NRSC “guarantees” that if Democrats become the majority, they will

– Increase your taxes.
– Block all of President Bush’s judicial nominees and allow our courts to be run by liberal activist judges.
– Call for endless congressional investigations, congressional censure and even impeachment of President Bush.
– Put the War on Terror on the back-burner.
– Go on an unprecedented spending spree.
– Lay the groundwork for taking back the White House in 2008.

They also say that funding is important in order to give voters a choice “between going back in time to the failed liberal ideals of the Democrats or proven conservative leadership of results.”

If the NRSC actually has evidence of “conservative leadership of results,” they’re keeping it to themselves.