Pamela Geller: Hate-Crimes Reporting Initiative Makes ‘State-Run Media Look Like Child’s Play’

Pamela Geller speaks at a "Social Media Neutrality" panel at the Newseum in Washington D.C. in February 2018. (Screenshot: YouTube)

Anti-Islam activist Pamela Geller joined Florida talk radio host Joyce Kaufman on Monday to discuss various topics including a new joint media initiative to document hate crimes, which Geller said makes “state-run media look like child’s play,” and the need to keep children out of public schools and universities, which Geller said was like selling a child “into slavery.”

After discussing efforts by social media giants to address hate speech on their platforms, Geller moved on to decrying a new ProPublica initiative that has gathered a number of news agency partners to create a “database of reported hate crimes and bias incidents.” Geller said the news organizations are documenting these incidents since FBI statistics “don’t bear out this nonsensical, dangerous lie, this bogus lie” of anti-Muslim bias. “So if you’re a Muslim and some non-Muslim looked at you funny, just report it to any one of these groups of news organizations and it too will count as a hate crime,” she said. “This is nefarious. This makes Soviet Pravda and state-run media look like child’s play.”

“Which is why they’re so eager to bring down this administration, because this administration dared to pull back the covers on just how complicit the media is in our national politics, in the control of our language,” Kaufman added.

Kaufman then cited a study that she said showed that “fully 40 percent of American teens identify as trans.” (We don’t know where Kaufman got this claim; a recent study in Minnesota found that 3 percent identified as “transgender or gender nonconforming.”)

Geller declared this to be “a sickness” and the “poisonous fruit of the left’s long march into the halls of academia and public schools,” which she attributed to conservatives having “dropped the ball” on the education system.

“People should not be sending their children to public school,” Geller said. “If you can’t afford private school, then you’d better homeschool them. And, oh my God, the loans that people take. These university loans, quarter-million dollar loans, and it’s to sell their child into slavery. They send a kid, the kid comes back a zombie, it’s like a ‘Twilight Zone’ episode.”