Outsourcing Our Blogging to Good As You

It seems that Janet Porter (the new name of the recently married Janet Folger) continues to live in a fantasy world entirely on her own creation.  For her WorldNetDaily colum this week, she reproduces the transcript of an eight-minute video she produced and starred in for the Government Is Not God PAC entitled “A Newscast From a Future We Must Never See.”

In a newscast said to air on January 22, 2009, Porter recounts how terrorist are dancing in the streets over the inaguration of President Obama, who has appointed William Ayers as director of Homeland Security, outlawed gun ownership, imposed massive tax hikes, overturned the Defense of Marriage Act, begun working to implement a forced abortion plan, and completely shut down conservative and Christian media outlets … all apparently within his first two days in office. 

The video is supposed to be up on YouTube, but since it’s not, I’ll just tell you to check out Good As You which has managed to grab and post the entire video.

UPDATEHere’s the video: