Ousted Alabama Judge Sees Work as Continuation of Nuremburg Trials

Roy Moore – who was removed as chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court for refusing a federal court’s order that he take a two-ton “Ten Commandments” monument out of his courtroom, and who later took the monument on tour to launch his new career as a religious-right activist – used his WorldNetDaily.com column to commemorate Holocaust Remembrance Day by alluding to his own campaign against church-state separation and other religious-right wedge issues:

Ironically, all the other nations which joined to prosecute the Nazi regime based on the law of nations given by God now reject the sovereignty of that God over law and government, the defunct Soviet Union being the first and most obvious example. As it was in the days of David, “the kings of the earth set themselves and the rulers take counsel against the Lord and against His Anointed, saying ‘let us break their bands asunder and cast away their cords from us'” (Psalm 2:2-3). The United Nations, which purports to make and enforce modern international law, routinely undermines God’s laws concerning life, liberty and property and openly rejects any connection between God and the law of nations.

As America and other nations try to “set themselves” against the laws of God, we increase the risk of repeating the lessons of history. When our thoughts turn toward the horrors of the Holocaust this weekend, let us not forget that the Nazis at Nuremberg were held accountable because of the higher law of God to which all nations, at all times, are subject.