Our Compliments to The Chef

In his most recent video update, Faith and Action’s Rob Schenck reports that among the things he has on his schedule today is a “prayer service in the office of one of the better known US Senators,” but that is all the information he is able to give because … well, we’re watching (fast forward to the 2:00 mark):

“This very video blog is followed by People For the American Way, which finds reason to criticize just about everything that anybody does who has any belief in God or morality.  And you can see that they actually track me and these reports for their constituency and they do it always in a critical manner.  I can’t recall ever being complimented … well, maybe once.”

Now, in our defense, we are not criticizing Schenck because he has a “belief in God or morality” (which is itself a rather offensive insinuation that we are a bunch of immoral God-haters) but rather because of his actions, his ties to other hard-line right-wing groups, and especially his rather radical past

But in fairness to Schenck, he is correct to note that we have probably never complimented him, so let me take this opportunity to do so by saying that the omelet he is making looks delicious.