Our Christian President is a Muslim and a Sin Against the Lord

Raw Story highlights the recent CNN piece on a Kansas pastors who has posted a rather provocative sign outside his church:

CNN’s Rick Sanchez reported on a church marquee that reads “America we have a Muslim president. This is a sin against the Lord.” Mark Holick is pastor of The Spirit One Christian Center in Wichita, Kansas where the sign is being displayed.

Holick told KSNW, “The main point of the marquee is to cause the Christians to understand he is not a Christian, Again, they will call me and they will tell me that he’s not a Muslim because he is a Christian. That’s not the point. The point is he’s not a Christian.”

The idea that Obama is not a Christian has become commonplace among many on the Right, as has the idea that it is perfectly acceptable to attack him because of his faith and that a voting for him was a sin. But this is the first time I’ve seen anyone argue that his understanding of his Christian faith actually makes him a Muslim.  

If the point that Holick wanted to make is that Obama is not a Christian, why didn’t he just say that instead of saying that Obama is a Muslim? That doesn’t even make any sense.