Operation Save America To Harass Muslims Across The Nation

A few weeks back, we noted that Operation Save America had begun protesting mosques and screaming at worshipers that “Islam is a lie” and that “Jesus hates Muslims,” forcing Muslim leaders in Connecticut to actually seek police protection from their harassment.

Today, the group announced that it intends to take its harassment to “mosques across the nation”:

We, Operation Save America, are headed to Ground Zero in New York City, to begin our nationwide outreach to Muslims in America. We offer to our Muslim friends enslaved in the tyrannical bondage of Islam, the true source of liberty — Jesus Christ!

First in New York City, then to Mosques across the nation!

The wounds that America is now suffering are, by in large, self-inflicted. We have forgotten the God who made this nation great and free. We have killed His children through abortion (over 50 million dead), called homosexuality good (an abomination in His sight), and prostrated Him to the level of all other false gods. God has not been silent. We are being judged. 9-11, the rise of Islam, and our present financial and social distresses are warnings of worse to come.

“God is calling America to repentance. We must begin here. Once we have returned to Him, we must go to those lost in the darkness and misery of Islam. We cannot build bridges or dialogue with this murderous false ideology. We are called to storm the gates of hell and set the captive free! We bring to America the warning that the rise of Islam is a sign of God’s judgment upon a nation that has turned from Him!” Rev. Flip Benham, Director, Operation Save America.