Operation Rescue Says Kansas Voters Have Blood on Their Hands

Amid the myriad of losses the Right suffered this election – be it the anti-abortion measure in South Dakota, the stem-cell amendment in Missouri, the parental notification measure in California, the fall of Sen. Rick Santorum, or the loss of more than two dozen seats in the House – nothing seems to have generated as much rage as Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline’s, an anti-abortion zealot who has long been trying to obtain medical records from women’s health clinics in the state, defeat.

Operation Rescue was practically beside itself   

Morrison Slithers into Kansas AG’s Office on Backs of Dead Babies

“Kansas has opted to continue the practice of looking the other way when innocent young girls are taken to abortion clinics by their rapists, who are looking to destroy the evidence of their crimes,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “It has also voted to ignore violations of Kansas law that bans post viability abortions. That vote has bloodied the hands of the Kansans who cast those votes.”

Being upset after losing a race that one feels passionately is understandable, but telling the nearly half-million voters who supported your preferred candidate’s opponent that they have blood on their hands is probably not going to generate a lot of sympathy or support.