Ohio Televangelist and Political Activist Calls for Exodus from Public Schools

Ohio televangelist Rod Parsley urges his congregation and viewing audience to withdraw their children from public schools and enroll them “in the house of the Lord” – institutions like his Harvest Preparatory School.

Why would you give birth to a child, give it back to God, and then send it to be educated 33 hours a week in the halls of secular humanistic philosophy? Why would we ever do that? We have been sold a lie! But thank God, there is a possibility. There is a possibility that your child can walk hallways where the name of God is not banned but exalted. There is a possibility that your child can be in a classroom in science where they’re taught creation science and not the lie of evolution — that has never been proven and Darwin himself said it didn’t work. There is a chance for a great and righteous nation to arise out of the smoldering ash heap of moral decline.

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Parsley’s Center for Moral ClarityReformation Ohio has been closely allied with Ken Blackwell’s campaign, setting up rallies of “Patriot Pastors” to drum up electoral activism and hear Blackwell’s pitch. Blackwell supports expanding private school vouchers in Ohio, and in the past has even called for putting all school funding through a voucher system—which would give the anti-public education movement all the public funds they need.