Obama Is Destroying America And Staver Is Super Serious!

In the latest fundraising email from Liberty Counsel, Mat Staver say that the Obama administration’s refusal to defend DOMA in court is creating “a full-blown constitutional crisis” that will end up “complete dismantling of our constitutional system of government” … and assures us that his dire warnings are in no way an overstatement:

The President and his administration are shoving us into a full-blown constitutional crisis! His imperialistic policies continue to wreak havoc on mainstream America while subverting the Constitution, catering to special interest groups, and showing an unprecedented disregard for the will of a majority of Americans.

I believe that the Obama Administration’s subversion of our constitutional republic has reached an advanced state. If not reversed, this intensifying erosion will ultimately lead to a disregard for our God-given, unalienable rights and the complete dismantling of our constitutional system of government.

As a constitutional attorney and Dean of a law school, I assure you this is not “hype” or overstatement. We are fast approaching the “point of no return” in the steady decline of the liberties our Forefathers gave us!