Obama-as-Muslim Attack Gets on TV

The Associated Press previews the likelihood of a “Swift Boat”-style campaign against Barack Obama, focused on race, religion, and patriotism—cruder versions of Cal Thomas’s recent article denying Obama’s Christianity. The AP mentions a so-called “Coalition Against Anti-Christian Rhetoric” (their website, registered anonymously, is now gone, but here’s a temporary cached version) that managed to air an ad on a South Dakota TV station featuring a turbaned Obama and a spliced speech, as the ad asked, “What kind of nation would Barack Obama want us to be?” (“Muslim Nation?” suggested text on the screen.) “It’s time for people of faith to stand against Barack Hussein Obama.”

Another group is raising money for a similar ad that asks, “Was he Muslim?” This effort is led by the creator of the infamous Willie Horton ad of 1988. “Maybe it doesn’t matter if Obama were a Muslim back then but it does matter if he is not telling the truth about it now,” the unsubtle ad states.

Both these ads are being promoted by right-wing websites such as WorldNetDaily (which speculates whether Obama is a “Manchurian candidate”).