Oath Keepers Warn ‘Globalists’ Could Attempt To Cancel Election With Terrorist Attacks, Riots

Oath Keepers, an anti-government extremist group that recently announced a poll-watching operation to stop the presidential election from being “stolen,” is now warning that “globalist” allies of Hillary Clinton could try to cancel the election altogether by staging a terrorist attack or riots that would allow President Obama to invoke “emergency powers.”

In a blog post on the Oath Keepers website that was emailed to the group’s members on Monday, blogger “Navy Jack” lays out what he sees as the “globalist options” in the wake of the FBI’s announcement that it had found more emails that could be pertinent to its investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server:

Globalist Options

We can speculate on what these options are, but I seriously doubt any of us are devious enough to even think of the methods that these demon infested parasites can come up with. What is important to remember is that they are animals; predators; wolves, intent on devouring the sheep and hunting down the sheepdogs. It is also important to remember that cornered animals are the most dangerous. Some of the proposals that are certainly on the table include:

  • Delay the election via Executive Order with or without Congressional consent
  • Instigate riots to provide the President with justification for the use of emergency powers
  • Instigate terrorist attacks to provide the President with justification for use of emergency powers
  • Provoke hostilities with a foreign power to suspend the election in conjunction with a War Powers Resolution

Navy Jack explains the “riots” scenario in more detail:

Should a dynamic action be taken to delay or cancel the election, the optics of such an action would be imperative. For example, should the globalists decide to instigate riots to provide the President with justification for the use of emergency powers, the riots would necessarily have to be done by a group that the public would accept as disenfranchised by the FBIs action. This could be a group like La Raza that is highly supportive of Hillary Clinton’s open borders policies or even the Black Lives Matter movement that have endorsed her candidacy because of her support for federalized control of local police. Coordinated action by one of more of these types of groups could certainly lead to widespread social unrest, protests and riots.

The administration would craft a narrative that voter intimidation, fear and physical damage to voting facilities had made conduct of the election untenable at this time. The MSM would be running 24/7 coverage of the protests/riots and broadcasting statements from prospective voters on how they were too afraid to go to the polls with all of the activity.  Most likely, the activity would be significantly less than the public perception because of inflation by the MSM.  The activities would have to be conducted in several cities in swing states that have Governors supportive of the globalist agenda.  These cities would be Cleveland Ohio, Philadelphia Pennsylvania and Richmond Virginia. Other cities/states including Phoenix Arizona, Baltimore Maryland, Milwaukee Wisconsin, Miami Florida and Denver Colorado would be included to ensure broad media attention.  Oath Keepers intelligence units are keeping extremely close tabs on the social media accounts, public statements and mobilization activities of the known extremist organizations.

Oath Keepers is planning a webinar on Thursday “on how to prepare for possible unrest or terrorism in urban and suburban areas and how to make an emergency plan for your family.”