Oath Keeper At Anti-Muslim Protest Says Civil War Is ‘Guaranteed’

A board member of the militia group Oath Keepers told the conspiracy theorist network InfoWars on Saturday that it’s “guaranteed” that the United States will enter into a civil war in the next three years.

The Oath Keepers volunteered themselves to provide private security to the anti-Muslim group Act for America’s nationwide “March for Sharia” on Saturday; in an email to members last week, the group said that ACT had reached out to them to “protect their events.”

Rob Dew of the Austin-based InfoWars was on the scene of the local march, where he interviewed Oath Keepers board member and Texas chapter president Jay Stang about what Stang insisted were “paid” counter-protesters representing a “totalitarian” nexus of communism and Islam.

“Do you think there’s a chance for a civil war in America in the next three years?” Dew asked Stang.

“No, I think it’s guaranteed,” he responded.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has updates on a number of the ACT protests here.