NSC Memo Author During Trump Campaign: ‘You Don’t Have To Hate All Muslims…But You Do Have To Hate Islam’

At an event at the Republican National Convention last year, Rich Higgins, who was recently ousted from his job at the National Security Council after writing a bonkers memo about the various nefarious forces united against President Trump, declared that Americans “have to hate Islam” and implied that President Obama’s name was a victory for Islamists.

Virginia activist Ron Hedlund posted on YouTube a portion of Higgins’ remarks to a Maine delegation at the Cleveland convention.

In the video, Higgins complains that “Mr. Trump has been castigated by the media as some sort of a xenophobic racist. Anybody who’s a nationalist now is a racist, anybody who loves America is a racist.”

He then claimed that Osama bin Laden and Mullah Omar, if they saw the situation that the world is in today, “would be laughing at us,” citing the national debt, turmoil in the Middle East, the refugee crisis in Europe and President Obama’s name.

“Four million refugees coming into Europe,” he said, “Islamic insurgencies going on in France, England, Germany Spain; the president of the United States is named Barack Hussein Obama. Do you think they think they’re winning? The score is 700 to nothing.”

Higgins said that in the Bush administration, “Muslim Brotherhood guys” were “in the meetings” but “in the Obama administration, they run the meetings”

“I honestly think we lost the war on terrorism on September 11, 2001,” he added, “where George Bush said Islam is a ‘religion of peace’ that would never stand for this. You don’t have to hate all Muslims—I have Muslim friends—but you have to hate Islam. If you’re an American and you don’t, then you don’t understand your own political philosophy.”

He added that he thought Sen. Ted Cruz thought the same way because “behind the scenes, the Cruz and the Trump guys on the national security side, we get along… at the national security level, those guys are simpatico.”