Notre Dame No Longer Catholic?

Until today, I had never heard of “The Official Catholic Directory” (apparently also known as the “Kennedy Directory”) but according to its publisher its “the most authoritative resource available” on all things Catholic:

For over 192 years, The Official Catholic Directory™ has served as a vital research and reference tool for anyone interested in the Catholic community. First published in 1817 by P.J. Kenedy & Sons, The Official Catholic Directory™ is the most authoritative resource available today on the Catholic Church. Each edition provides complete information on the Church’s hierarchy, its institutions, schools, special care centers, and affiliated facilities. It offers the most comprehensive and detailed profiles on each (arch) diocese in the United States and hundreds of (arch) dioceses around the world.

Because the Catholic Church recognizes The Official Catholic Directory™ as the single authoritative directory, it achieves 100% verification and participation from each and every Catholic institution within the 208 (arch) dioceses.

And now the American Life League is calling for the University of Notre Dame to be removed from the book because of the school’s invitation to President Obama to speak at its commencement:

American Life League wants the University of Notre Dame removed from the Official Catholic Directory (Kennedy Directory) – the official list of Catholic institutions in the United States.

Removal from the Kennedy Directory by Bishop John D’Arcy will cut the school off from much Catholic foundation funding.

“We found a tragic attitude at the University of Notre Dame — apathy, if not hostility, toward the faith,” said Judie Brown, president of ALL. “In the service of truth, we ask Bishop D’Arcy to acknowledge what the entire nation and Notre Dame itself already know: The university is backing away from the Catholic Church.”

“In light of Notre Dame’s past in the service of Our Lady, what is now keeping Notre Dame Catholic? Not the president who honors a man guilty of promoting an intrinsic evil; not the faculty — notoriously liberal. The hope of Notre Dame lies with the students faithful to the mission of the Church,” Brown said. “For their sake we hope and pray Notre Dame rescinds this honor to President Obama and upholds the Catholic identity that made the school one of the glories of the Catholic Church. If the university will not do this, then it should be removed from the Official Catholic Directory.”

Apparently, when one of the nation’s preeminent Catholic insitutions invites the President of the United States to address its students, it automatically forfeits its right to consider itself Catholic.