Notice a Pattern? Fischer Against Warns of “Civil Unrest” In Response to Federal “Tyranny”

Why does it seem that every time something happens that doesn’t fit with Bryan Fischer’s political agenda, his response is to warn that said development will lead to violence? 

For instance, he has insisted that the country must deport entire families because it “makes vigilante justice unnecessary.” Similarly, when Congress passed health care reform, he responded by comparing the federal government to trespassers and squatters who should be shot, while warning that only representative who take seriously the 10th Amendment can save this nation from impending bloodshed.  Shortly thereafter, he followed that up with another warning that citizens will “use all the morally and constitutionally justified means at their disposal to defend their inalienable rights to life, liberty and property” and “resist the tyranny imposed on us by the Intolerable Act of 2010.”

And now is he issuing similar warnings in response to the court decision striking down Arizona’s immigration law:

We have reached a point now where as a culture we are on the verge of civil unrest for one reason: the ruling class is determined not to let us govern ourselves.

We are on the verge of collapsing into violence and vigilante justice, as more and more Americans come to realize that the ruling class is their enemy and not their friend. More and more of them are becoming convinced that their government will not protect them and will not punish the guilty, and they will conclude that they must now protect themselves not only from criminals but from their own government.

What I am saying is that it is inevitable that people, whether rightly or wrongly, will begin taking the law into their own hands if their own government will not protect them from the bad guys and “punish those who do evil” … We are already at a place where more Americans are afraid of their government than they are of criminals. Our government in many ways is now a terror to those who do good and a protector of those who do evil. This state of affairs cannot long endure.

Notice how Fischer always frames these warnings so that, if violence does happen, it will be the government’s fault because it has pushed the citizens too far?  

Fischer is always quick to assert that he does not support such violence … but he sure does seem to think that violence would not only be an understandable response, but actually a justified response to the increasing “tyranny” of the federal government.