‘Not One Penny Ever’: Glenn Beck Seems To Have Forgotten How His Defamation Lawsuit Turned Out

Glenn Beck has recently become obsessed with the book “The Fourth Turning,” published in 1997, and the idea that millennials represent a “hero generation” that will rise up to save America.

On his television program last night, Beck sat down with a group of students from Texas Christian University to discuss this idea and hear their views about politics and the state of the world. During the discussion, one of the students remarked that one of the ways that college students today differ from their parents is that they care about principles and doing good rather than just getting a secure, well-paying job.

Beck responded that those two things are not necessarily mutually exclusive and noted how one can be a corporate attorney but still stand on principle by working for a company like his The Blaze network. As proof of this, Beck said that he was recently involved in a lawsuit and instructed his attorneys to refuse to offer any sort of settlement because “we were right.”

“My motto to my attorney was, ‘You say every time, this is your mantra, nope, not one penny ever!'” Beck said, adding that his attorney was thrilled that they were taking a stand on principle and not on money.

Presumably, Beck was talking about the defamation lawsuit filed against him by Abdulrahman Alharbi, whom Beck falsely and repeatedly accused of being the “money man” behind the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. Contrary to his claim that he’d never settle this case, Beck did just that last month.