Norquist: CPAC Boycotters Just a Bunch of “Loser Organizations” Looking For Some Press

Last year, when Grover Norquist joined the board of GOProud, many Religious Right groups voiced their displeasure, claiming he was “dishonoring” the conservative movement and questioning his integrity.

And now that many of these same Religious Right groups are boycotting CPAC this year because GOProud is involved, Norquist has again come under fire from those who claim he is a “one-man fifth column” out to destroy conservatism.

But Norquist seems unfazed by all the criticism … basically because it is coming from a bunch of losers who are just trying to get some press:

Norquist, who has participated in CPAC for decades, dismissed the complaints.

“Loser people and loser organizations that haven’t done any work all year try to get headlines so they can whine about CPAC. They can get a little press. That happens all the time,” he said.