None Dare Call It Treason – Except Scarborough

Rick Scarborough of Vision America weighs in on the recent ad challenging President Bush and members of Congress to change course regarding the War in Iraq, saying that while he respects the First Amendment as much as anyone, this is not an example of free speech but rather of treasonous speech:

I believe that many in Congress, the press, academia, Hollywood and even retired military, are committing acts that border on treason as they assail our President’s policies regarding the execution of the War on Terror. I hurt for our armed forces that are in harms (sic) way this very hour, as news arrives to their doorstep in Iraq and Afghanistan via the internet and other sources, of the growing dissent of the left and their efforts to handcuff the nation’s Commander in Chief as he seeks to execute the war.

On Wednesday, three retired generals challenged a dozen members of Congress in an ad campaign sponsored by, urging them to cut off funding for the war and thereby force the President to withdraw troops. Had such high-tech and low-down movements existed in previous generations, America would have never won a war. Generals John Batiste, John Eaton and Wesley Clark should be ashamed of what they are doing. No amount of suicide bombers could wreck (sic) so much havoc upon our military establishment as the words of these men – the effect of which is to communicate to our enemies to be patient and you will win.

America was united when this war was initiated. Hindsight is always 20/20, though it is clear to any informed observer that hindsight regarding the War on Terror is selective. Looking back over the past five years we can see numerous mistakes in the way the war has been executed, but we must never forget that we have not had a single successful strike on American soil since 9-11. To God be all praise and thanks for that! But President Bush deserves credit for his steadfast resolve in facing the evil of militant Islamic terrorists in the Middle East.

Only fools and blind men believe that withdrawal from Iraq at this stage of the game will not result in the massive slaughter of innocent human life. Generals certainly ought to know better. It seems that “Treason is in Season” in America and none dare call it that!

None dare call it treason … except for Scarborough of course, as he openly accuses three retired US Generals of being more dangerous to this country than an infinite number of suicide bombers