NOM Threatens GOP Primary Challenges in New York

Today, the National Organization for Marriage unveiled a new political action committee and announced that it has a half-a-million dollars ready to go to back primary challenges to any Republican legislator in the state of New York that votes to grant marriage equality to gays and lesbians:

On the heels of the chaos in Albany which has thrown the future of marriage into doubt, the National Organization for Marriage announced today the formation of a state political action committee, NOM PAC New York, which will allow NOM to engage in New York state legislative races.

“We are now in direct contact with thousands of New Yorkers in every senate district who care about the marriage issue,” said [Brian Brown, executive director of NOM.], “and they have a warning for Albany: Vote our values or we’ll find someone who else who will.”

Brown announced an initial target goal of $500,000 to fund primary challenges for any Republican state senator who votes for gay marriage.

“The first half million dollars will be used in GOP primaries,” noted Brown, “but we are also looking to aid Democratic candidates who want to buck the establishment on the marriage issue, and to help in general election contests.”