NOM Seek to Save DOMA

In that last month, I’ve written a couple of posts about the Alliance For Marriage’s “Protect DOMA” efforts and now, via Americablog, we see that the National Organization for Marriage has launched their own DOMA Defense Fund:

We invite you to stand with millions of Americans in support of the Defense of Marriage Act, which is under attack from gay marriage activists. In the wake of repeated setbacks at the ballot box, and with an increasingly receptive audience in Washington, gay marriage advocates are now seeking to impose same-sex marriage on the entire nation with a single stroke of the pen.

Last September, President Barack Obama told the Washington Blade: “I have long been on record opposing DOMA, and an Obama-Biden administration will work hard to ensure that we can pass a repeal of that law as soon as possible.” And within minutes of his inauguration, the White House website had been updated to reflect President Obama’s radical agenda regarding DOMA.

It’s DOMA that prevents four judges in Massachusetts from imposing same-sex marriage on the entire nation. It’s DOMA that protects the right of 45 states to enforce their own marriage laws instead of the law handed down by a narrow majority of the Connecticut court. And it’s DOMA on which gay marriage activists have now set their sights — seeking to turn back our legislative victories over the past decade in one fell swoop.

If we don’t act now, DOMA will soon be repealed — quickly, quietly and with little fanfare. It’s up to us — you and me — to make sure the American people know that DOMA is under attack, and that our elected officials know how deeply we believe in marriage. Together we can make a difference even in Washington!

John Aravosis asserts that “this is indicative of the difference between conservatives and liberals: The right organizes years on an issue years in advance, the left organizes after we’ve lost.” But that is not the case here and now seems like a good time to remind you about People For the American Way’s Dump DOMA petition – please add your name to the effort today.