NOM Loses In Iowa

A few weeks ago, the National Organization for Marriage dumped nearly $90,000 into television and radio ads in support of Stephen Burgmeier, a Republican candidate in the special election in Iowa House District 90.

The election was held yesterday and Burgemier lost:

Democrats retained a fiercely contested House seat in a special election today, turning aside Republican hopes to showcase a victory as a sign Iowa’s political tide has turned.

Democratic candidate Curt Hanson, a retired school teacher, won against GOP candidate and Jefferson County Supervisor Stephen Burgmeier by 3,932 to 3,825 votes, according to unofficial tallies.

“We predicted it would be a close race and it was,” Hanson said of his 107-vote victory. “I think what surprised me was the total state attention and, perhaps, even national.”

Republicans acknowledge the loss was unsettling, but said the closeness of the race means that their future is bright and that they will gain ground in next year’s House, Senate and gubernatorial races.

Via Tips-Q