Nobody Is Laughing At ‘Stupid Jim Bakker’ Anymore After Hurricane Harvey

End Times prepper pastor Jim Bakker grew emotional on his television program today while asserting that nobody is laughing at “stupid Jim Bakker” and his survival food buckets any more in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

“These things, when God does them, God doesn’t fool around!” Bakker bellowed. “Yesterday, I almost lost it. You know, for the last several years, preachers—even in this city—and evangelists have beat the you-know-what out of me and made fun of me because we store food.”

“They preach about it,” he claimed. “Whole revivals just preaching about Jim and Lori, ‘Ha, ha, ha, they’re storing food, that stupid Jim Bakker.’ I just came from the flood zone! Nobody was laughing at me! They all wanted the crazy preacher’s food!”

“When the crisis comes, you people that are ready, your kids that laughed at you won’t laugh any more,” Bakker added. “And I want to tell you something: You ain’t seen nothing yet!”