No Service

According to USA Today, some taxi drivers serving the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport are refusing for what they say are religious reasons (the drivers are identified as Muslims from Somalia) to pick up passengers who are carrying or suspected of carrying bottles of alcohol.  According to an airport spokesperson, “Travelers often feel surprised and insulted.  Sometimes, several drivers in a row refuse carriage.”  Rather than insist that the drivers transport all passengers (and isn’t that their job?), airport authorities have been sending the refusing drivers to the back of the waiting cab line.  The drivers are unhappy, so authorities are considering allowing the refusers to change the lights on their car roofs, “possibly to a different color,” to indicate they won’t transport alcohol-carrying passengers.  So who will authorities allow drivers to refuse to pick up next?  Women who aren’t dressed “properly”?  People they think are gay?  Teenagers with nose rings?  Where does it stop? 

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