Neo-Nazi Patrick Little Goes To Washington, Maintains He Won’t Be At ‘Unite The Right’

Failed neo-Nazi Senate candidate Patrick Little is currently traveling across the United States, filming himself spouting anti-Semitic nonsense at people in the streets. He’s in Washington, D.C., right now, but he’s adamant that he’s not attending the upcoming Unite the Right anniversary rally.

According to a court deposition filed last month, Unite the Right organizer Jason Kessler expected Little to speak at his event this weekend. But although Little is currently in Washington with alt-right figure Emily Youcis, he maintains that he will not be at the rally, but rather will be continuing with his ongoing “name the Jew” tour. Although Little was thoroughly trounced in his bid for Senate, he was still able to rack up almost 90,000 votes on a platform that promised a government “free from Jews.”

News2Share reporter Ford Fischer interviewed Little yesterday while he stood outside the White House with a sign that read “Expel the Jews.”

“Are you here for [Unite the Right 2] on Sunday?” Fischer asked Little.

“No,” Little answered firmly. “I’m here for social justice … The objective is to make known to the world Jewish crimes against humanity.”

Later in the video, Little bantered back and forth with a bystander, said he’s running for president in 2020 as a Democrat and claimed that he actually “beat 20 candidates” in California but was the victim of voter fraud perpetrated by the Jewish people. Little described himself as a “nationally social democratic American patriot,” which seems to be a walk back from his prior self-identification as a Nazi, but minutes later he started rambling about his belief that “Jews rape kids.”

Little told News2Share that he was outside the White House to demand that Trump “stop funding the genocide against the indigenous, innocent, religious and ethnic minorities of Palestine,” but admitted that he didn’t expect that Trump would listen because “he’s got Jews that have married into his family.