Neo-Nazi Blogger Loses Another Lawsuit, Bringing Tally to $18.8 Million

Neo-Nazi blogger Andrew Anglin (Image Source: Southern Poverty Law Center)

Neo-Nazi publisher Andrew Anglin owes more than $18.8 million to people he defamed and against whom he incited harassment after his failure to participate in legal proceedings resulted in another default judgment against him today.

Anglin publishes and writes articles on The Daily Stormer, one of the internet’s most notorious neo-Nazi blogs. Throughout the years, Anglin has leveraged his site to target people who belong to racial and religious minorities for harassment, which his readership is often happy to facilitate on his command.

Taylor Dumpson, who served as the first black woman student government president at American University, filed a lawsuit against Anglin last year, claiming that Anglin orchestrated a racist harassment campaign against her after she was the subject of racist messaging on campus. In April, Dumpson’s attorneys asked for a default judgment against Anglin. Kristen Clarke, president and executive director of the National Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, announced today that the judge had ruled in Dumpson’s favor after Anglin and his attorney failed to respond to the court motion.

Court documents show the court ruled in favor of Dumpson and ordered “compensatory damages in the amount of $101,429.28, punitive damages in the amount of $500,000, and attorneys’ fees and costs in the amount of $124,022.10.”

Anglin has made a habit of not showing up to court hearings regarding lawsuits filed against him for defamation and distress inflicted by postings on his neo-Nazi blog. As a result, he has lost three lawsuits against him this summer.

Last month, Anglin lost by default a lawsuit filed against him by Tanya Gersh after he refused to show up for a deposition. A judge on Thursday ordered Anglin to pay Gersh $14 million for inciting harassment and threats against Gersh, a Jewish real estate agent, after Anglin alleged that Gersh had tried to run Sherry Spencer, mother of the white nationalist Richard Spencer out of Whitefish, Montana, where the elder Spencer lives and had a commercial office and retail building.

A month earlier, a judge awarded Muslim comedian Dean Obeidallah $4.1 million after Obeidallah sued Anglin for falsely claiming that Obeidallah was responsible for a terrorist attack in England. Anglin also lost that lawsuit by default.

The three lawsuits make Anglin responsible for more than $18.8 million in damages. Anglin processes funds through a limited liability company called Moonbase Holdings. (The name of Anglin’s LLC is a reference to conspiracy theories that allege Nazi leaders relocated to the dark side of the moon during the fall of Nazi Germany.) Anglin’s current whereabouts are unknown.