Neil Munro Says Obama May Lose Since he’s not ‘Saving us from Sandy’s Destruction’

Neil Munro of the right-wing Daily Caller is best known for heckling President Obama, which was even condemned in the conservative press. But Munro is still taken seriously in far-right circles, as he was the guest on Secure Freedom Radio yesterday where Fred Grandy of the Center for Security Policy asked about his supposed insights into the Obama campaign. Munro suggested that the “ruthless” Obama’s campaign will use Hurricane Sandy to “game the race” by trying to make Obama appear “competent and fatherly” and distract the country from the “boiling scandals that he’s doing his best to suppress.” But then Munro veered away from his claim that Obama will look “useful and leaderly” and claimed that instead the hurricane might become a “symbol of his term in office” as Americans have been “flooded in red ink.” Later, Munro reiterated that the hurricane will ultimately hurt Obama because he was apparently unable to save “us from Sandy’s destruction” and it may be “a little bit of bad luck that could push him under.”

Grandy: If the administration is actually going to try and game the election with Hurricane Sandy, how do you see them going about doing it?

Munro: They are going to game the race with everything they got and in as many ways as they can, they’re highly evolved, entirely professional and entirely ruthless. As for Sandy, Sandy created a big risk for them when it came in and it smashed up New Jersey and New York, how do they react? Well, they can’t go back on the campaign trail, Romney too stepped off the campaign trail, it looks too crash, too selfish to be campaigning. So he endeavored to look helpful, competent and fatherly, so he turned up on evening television from the White House, then he went to the Red Cross and then he went to New Jersey trying to look useful and leaderly. It’s not at all clear whether the images of him amid the storm give people confidence in him or unnerve people about his time in office. To some extent the storm could be seen as a symbol of his term in office, where the economy has been damaged, unemployment has remained very high, the debt has grown, we’ve been flooded in red ink. But the one advantage for Obama is it distracts the media and many Americans from boiling scandals that he’s doing his best to suppress.

Munro: Unless the President has done such a remarkable job as leader of the country, saving us from Sandy’s destruction—which he doesn’t appeared to have—it could be to his benefit, it may. It took him three days off the campaign trial in critical swing states like Ohio, Wisconsin, Colorado and so it may turn out to be bad luck for him, he’s been a lucky politician all his life and this may have been just a little bit of bad luck that could push him under.