National Day of Prayer Ruling Was God’s Doing, Says Graham

Franklin Graham continues to milk his “victimhood” for all it is worth:

“I think it is waking people up across this land,” said evangelist Franklin Graham, the honorary chairman of the National Day of Prayer Task Force, who was disinvited from Pentagon observances because of his remarks on Islam.

“I think people realize, many Christians, how we’re losing our religious freedoms a little bit every day and if we don’t stand up and exercise the freedoms that God has given us in this country, we will lose them.”

In his keynote address at the Cannon House Office Building, Graham acknowledged that people “of other faiths” might hear his message but he could only speak as a “minister of the gospel.”

“I don’t want to be offensive to anyone,” he said, “but I only know how to pray and I only know how to preach the way that the Bible instructs me.”

Graham said the nation has “committed mass murder” through abortions and “taken God out of our schools.” He predicted God’s judgment on the country and its citizens for not living up to divine standards.

And, interestingly, Graham also says that it was God who caused the judge to rule the National Day of Prayer as part of his plan to that more people would pay attention to it

Graham said that U.S. District Judge Barbara Crabb’s decision had put the National Day of Prayer in the spotlight and prompted even more Americans to rally to the cause this year.

“God bless her,” Graham said. “I want to give her a hug and a kiss right now.”

Graham said until the ruling on the suit – filed by the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion group claiming the U.S. law that authorized the National Day of Prayer was unconstitutional – organizers were looking for ways to get people excited about the tradition … “God had a plan,” Graham said. “I don’t think (Crabb) realized that God used her to accomplish his purposes.”

So the ruling that the National Day of Prayer is unconstitutional is evidence that Christians are losing their religious freedom … but that ruling itself was part of God’s plan?