Nathan French Prophesies That God Will ‘Wipe Out’ Social Media Companies for Banning Trump

Nathan French, a right-wing evangelist who runs a ministry in Washington state that is “nurtured through a powerful, prophetic gifting,” appeared on the Elijah Streams YouTube channel Tuesday, where he prophesied that God will destroy social media companies for banning former President Donald Trump from their platforms.

In the wake of the Jan. 6 insurrection during which Trump supporters broke through security barricades and rampaged through the U.S Capitol in an effort to prevent Congress from certifying the election for Joe Biden, Trump was banned from various social media platforms. French claimed that God had told him that these platforms will be wiped out because they have picked “a fight with God.”

“The Lord said this morning, he told me, ‘It’s unwise to pick a fight with a reigning champion,'” French claimed. “He said, ‘Nathan, I’m going to overturn [the election], and I’m going to reinstate Trump.’ And so I realized that not only has God chosen President Trump and Melania, but when you mess with God’s plan, then you come against God himself, and you pick a fight with God.”

“This is what the Lord said to me this morning,” French continued. “He said, ‘Big tech companies will begin to crumble if they continue to come against God’s anointed.’ When the Lord speaks through his prophets and prophetic people, it is his own words, and they will not return void. So when the flesh and the way that seems right to a man—which is like leaning on your own understanding—stands against the Lord’s words or those he’s chosen as mouthpieces, they basically pick a fight with the reigning champion, and that’s just going to bring a KO. So God’s gonna knock out, he’s gonna wipe out everything that comes against what he’s preparing to release, which is the Third Great Awakening.”