MRC’s Latest Target: J.Crew

While the Media Research Council says it is “dedicated to correcting the media’s anti-free enterprise biased reports,” it draws the line at defending products which feature “blatant propaganda celebrating transgendered children.” The MRC’s Culture and Media Institute, which works to protect “morals against the assault of the liberal media elite,” is incensed that J.Crew is featuring a line of nail polish that advertises the designer’s son wearing nail polish on his toes. According to the far-right group, J.Crew is promoting “liberal, transgender, identity politics,” and the designer is “exploiting” and manipulating her son:

J.CREW, a popular preppy woman’s clothing brand and favorite affordable line of first lady Michelle Obama, is targeting a new demographic – mothers of gender-confused young boys. At least, that’s the impression given by a new marketing piece that features blatant propaganda celebrating transgendered children.

An email sent to customers on Tuesday, April 5th contained a promotion for free shipping if the customer spends $150 or more. The email also contained a feature called ‘Jenna’s favorites,’ highlighting special selections by J.CREW designer Jenna Lyons. Jenna selected a striped long-sleeve t-shirt, and hot pink nail polish by Essie, modeled by her young son.

In the feature, Jenna is pictured with her adorable curly-haired son Beckett, and the two are seen giggling with Jenna holding Beckett’s feet, containing hot pink painted toe-nails. ‘Lucky for me, I ended up with a boy whose favorite color is pink,’ read Jenna’s quote. ‘Toenail painting is way more fun in neon.’

Not only is Beckett likely to change his favorite color as early as tomorrow, Jenna’s indulgence (or encouragement) could make life hard for the boy in the future. J.CREW, known for its tasteful and modest clothing, apparently does not mind exploiting Beckett behind the façade of liberal, transgendered identity politics.