More Layoffs Looming At Focus?

Via Joe.My.God it looks like we can expect yet another round of layoffs at Focus on the Family:

I’ve gotten a few calls from people saying Focus on the Family is planning to announce layoffs, more than 100, on Friday.

I called Focus spokesman Gary Schneeberger on Monday. He did not confirm or deny the rumors. Later he sent me a statement, which you can read below.

“We are still working out the details of fitting our FY ‘11 budget to the figure our board of directors established,” Schneeberger wrote. “As soon as those decisions are final — we’re aiming for next week — we’ll share them with our ministry family first and then with our constituents and friends in the media.”

Focus has laid off hundreds of employees since 2002, when its workforce was about 1,400. Currently Focus has 860 employees. It’s latest round of layoffs was in September 2009, when 75 employees were let go.

Let’s all hope that Adam Holz of Plugged In survives the cut so that he can continue his important work exposing how the new movie “The Kids Are Alight” is “even more subversive than Brokeback Mountain“:

Focus on the Family’s Plugged In is raising a warning flag about a movie called The Kids Are All Right, which is making its way into American theaters … Plugged In spokesman Adam Holz tells OneNewsNow the comedy paints the idea of a “modern family” — one stemmed from a same-sex couple — in a positive light.

“The upshot of it all is not only does that cause some conflict in the family, but the man that they discover is their father, a man named Paul, ends up having an affair with one of the women in the couple,” Holz reports.

Holz explains the film is a story about how infidelity can devastate a family — but certainly not a family that viewers are used to seeing on screen by any way, shape, or form. So the conservative spokesman feels those are among several reasons why Christians should object.

“Not the least of which are several really explicit sex scenes — one between two women and several between a man and a woman,” the Plugged In spokesman gives as an example. “And so there’s all kind of content here on top of the philosophical problems.”

Holz rates the movie as a “hard R” and adds that the film is even more subversive than Brokeback Mountain.