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He’s Baaaack.  Former judge Roy Moore — the one who was bounced out of his job as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court when he refused to obey a federal court order to remove the mega-ton monument of the Ten Commandments he’d erected in the rotunda of the state judicial building — is now defending government prayer in the name of Jesus. 

A federal appeals court recently heard oral argument in a case in which a district court judge ordered the Indiana House of Representatives to refrain from using the name of Christ in its opening prayers.  The district court found that the legislature’s prayer practice was an impermissible government “endorsement of Christianity, sending the message to others that they are outsiders and the message to Christians that they are favored insiders.” 

But in the constitutionally-twisted mind of Roy Moore, the court’s order is another instance of “a warped interpretation of the First Amendment” in which “Christianity is opposed, disparaged and ignored.”  Not so surprising from a guy who thought he could ignore the federal courts when they failed to allow him to use his state judicial position to promote his personal religious beliefs.