Minuteman PAC Scales Back Political Spending – To Zero

The Minuteman PAC, established to provide financial support to anti-immigrant candidates running for federal office, appears to be establishing a trend of not actually providing support to candidates. As we previously reported, in the first quarter of 2007 the Minuteman PAC raised over $300,000, and of the $270,000 spent, only $10,000 went toward a candidate running for office.

The organization recently released second quarter numbers and they are not much different. Having raised nearly $260,000 and disbursed close to $250,000, not one penny of that money went to any candidate, as the Minuteman PAC failed to make a single political contribution during the quarter. The vast majority of its expenses — around $215,000 — went to fundraising and direct mail fees, mainly to American Caging, American Mailing Services, and other firms linked to non-profit groups associated with Alan Keyes.