Miller Time for Right: Anti-Immigrant Boycott Targets Beer

Champagne of Beers After Miller Brewing Company briefly faced criticism for donating to Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wisconsin), architect of the draconian House immigration reform bill, the company turned around and donated money towards a pro-immigrant rally in Chicago, the Chicago Tribune reported. Despite the company’s denial, the Right Wing reacted quickly, calling for a national boycott of Miller beer. “The last thing we need is more illegal aliens driving drunk and killing American citizens,” said Jason Mrocheck of

Now is calling on its members to join a boycott of Miller beer, offering specific steps consumers can take at bars and other locations, such as:

If you patronize bars, go and comment loudly to your friends so other patrons can hear you say, “NO, don’t buy me a Miller! They support illegal aliens, and I won’t give ONE RED CENT to Miller! Why would I want to buy beer from a company that sells out American values?!!!”