Michelle Malkin and CRTV Break Up

(Screenshot / YouTube.com)

Mark Levin’s CRTV outlet and Glenn Beck’s The Blaze TV merged earlier this month, dropping far-right commenter and “Proud Boys” hate group founder Gavin McInnes and right-wing pundit Michelle Malkin from its lineup.

BlazeTV announced it had severed ties with McInnes via Twitter this weekend, writing “Blaze Media no longer has a relationship with Gavin McInnes, and per company policy, cannot comment on personnel matters”:

Malkin’s departure did not receive an official statement. Instead, Malkin announced on her Twitter account: “I will not be continuing with the company, but wish my colleagues all the best.”

Right Wing Watch contacted Malkin and BlazeTV by email but did not receive a response.

Malkin has most notably defended racial profiling and the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II. In recent times, Malkin has taken to fearmongering to her viewers that Sharia law is imminent in America and pointing to, among other things, legal rulings banning religious discrimination as evidence. Malkin recently threw her support behind white nationalist pundit Faith Goldy as she pursued a miserably failed bid to become mayor of Toronto in Ontario, Canada.