Michele Bachmann: Glenn Beck’s Opposition To Trump Might Just Be A ‘Ratings Stunt’

Former Rep. Michele Bachmann returned to the American Pastors Network’s “Stand In The Gap” radio program yesterday, where she attacked conservative radio host Glenn Beck for his opposition to Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy, speculating that his anti-Trump stance might just be a “ratings stunt.”

APN’s Dave Kistler asked Bachmann to comment on a theory that he claimed Beck had floated this week, alleging that “from the very beginning, Donald Trump’s candidacy has been working in lockstep with the Clinton campaign, basically to get her elected.”

While Beck did float the idea last year that Trump’s campaign was a scam designed to lead to a third party bid that would undermine the GOP and help Clinton get elected, he has since abandoned that theory and hasn’t discussed anything like it recently. The discussion this week to which Kistler was referring was simply a segment on his radio show in which Beck and a guest discussed an article from Politico reporting that Breitbart had coordinated with a liberal activist to target Trump’s opponents during the Republican primary.

“There is no collusion between the Trump campaign and Hillary Clinton,” Bachmann insisted. “That is pure fantasy and I am sorry that, for whatever reason, that Glenn Beck has chosen to put forward that theory. He can do whatever he wants. Glenn, certainly, has been a friend of mine in the past, but this is an emergency situation that America is in.”

“This is not truth,” Bachmann declared. “For whatever reason they’re putting this theory forward, people need to know there is not a shred of evidence, but more importantly, there is not a shred of truth to it.”

APN’s Gary Dull then piped up to falsely claim that Beck is now “actually asking conservatives to vote for Hillary,” which proves that he and his allies “don’t have conservative values themselves.”

Bachmann responded that she has no idea why Beck is doing this, speculating that it might just be a “ratings stunt.”

Whatever his reasons, Bachmann said, “we have to reject the false narrative from Glenn Beck.”