Michael Savage: Media Covering Up Obama’s Murder Of Antonin Scalia

Before his interview with Donald Trump yesterday, conservative radio host Michael Savage shared a story from the National Enquirer alleging that Justice Antonin Scalia was murdered by a prostitute working for the government, pointing to the story as confirmation of his conspiracy theory that President Obama assassinated Scalia.

Indeed, Trump shared his own suspicions about Scalia’s death on Savage’s show, “The Savage Nation,” several weeks ago.

The National Enquirer’s report, Savage said, must be true since they haven’t been sued for libel. He said that other media outlets haven’t run with the tabloid’s article because the media is working for Obama, and instead newspapers like the New York Daily News are aiming their “hatred and bigotry” at Trump.

Savage also recounted conversations he had with people in the U.S. Virgin Islands about Trump and “the Muslims in the taxi business.”

Savage said that Muslims are “suddenly all over the U.S. Virgin Islands and almost nowhere to be seen in the British Virgin Islands. Well, you look at the White House and you see a guy who is named Barack Hussein Obama who many think is sympathetic if not outright practicing Islam; we hear the directors of various big agencies have converted to Islam secretly, that they’re hiding it, and you look around the country and you don’t know what nation you’re living in anymore.”

“Where did America go in eight years under this deceiver, this anti-American deceiver in the White House?” Savage continued. “How come you haven’t seen any exposés in the Daily News about Obama’s crimes and misdemeanors? How come you haven’t seen anything about Hillary Clinton and her crimes and misdemeanors in the Daily News?”