Michael Savage: Louis C.K. Should Be Locked Up For ‘His Filthy, Dirty Mouth’

Yesterday, Donald Trump was the special guest on “The Savage Nation,” which inspired host Michael Savage to make his topic of the day the issue of why “the deviants, the perverts [and] the intellectual haters of America” despise the GOP presidential frontrunner.

Savage was particularly incensed over an email criticizing Trump from comedian Louis C.K., whom Savage called “a degenerate, psychotic comedian” and “one of the worst, sickest minds.”

“In my age, in my day, in the 1950s, a guy like Louis C.K. would’ve been put into a straightjacket and kept in a mental hospital in Queens and given Thorazine around the clock for what comes out of his filthy, dirty mouth,” he said.