Michael Savage: Kate Steinle Verdict Could Lead To Civil War

Right-wing radio host Michael Savage reacted last night to the news that a San Francisco jury acquitted Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, an undocumented immigrant from Mexico, in the 2015 murder of Kate Steinle, by calling for President Trump to send federal troops in to “take over” San Francisco and warning that if “this keeps up” “there will be a civil war in this country.”

In a brief Periscope broadcast after the verdict was announced, Savage, who is based in San Francisco, said, “If we had the president we elected, he would send in federal troops right now and take this city over,” comparing it to federal troops enforcing the integration of schools in Arkansas.

He then linked the Steinle verdict to the wave of sexual misconduct allegations against men in positions of power.

“Donald Trump has the power to send in federal troops to take over this sick, disgusting, degenerate cesspool ruined by Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein,” he said. “A girl was killed! Men are being destroyed for looking at a woman the wrong way, men are being destroyed for touching a woman, men are being destroyed for suggesting a woman have sex with him. But a woman was killed by a filthy, illegal alien piece of shite from the gutters.”

Insisting that the murder was part of a “gang initiation,” Savage then said that the verdict could be the “last straw” that leads to civil war.

“Only in this sick, degenerate city could a Mexican illegal alien who had been deported five times get away with shooting a white woman dead in the street who dies in her father’s arms and be found not guilty on all charges,” he said. “Build that wall, deport them all. Build that wall, deport them all. …This keeps up, I tell you what’s going to happen. There will be a civil war in this country. This is the last straw.”