Michael Jackson Is In Hell

I’ve seen a lot of fawning coverage of Michael Jackson in the wake of his death last week.  But what I hadn’t seen was anyone claiming that he was roasting in hell … until now:

World’s Leading Internet Evangelist Claims Michael Jackson is in Hell

Sadly, Michael grew up in the Jehovah’s Witnesses cult. This is the cult born out of the depraved mind of Charles Taze Russell and denies the very deity of Christ. You can go to Google and type in “cults Jehovah’s Witnesses” and it will give you many websites to document their false theology. However, Michael has not only followed the false theology of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, he made the choice to live his life in rebellion to God and His Word and follow all kinds of false religions and teachings.

During his 2005 trial for child molestation, instead of turning to Christ for strength, he turned to a cult I have exposed and talked about, Kaballah which was popularized by singer Madonna, signified by the “red string” bracelet he wore throughout the trial. He had during his life several high profile spiritual advisors, Orthodox Jew Rabbi Shmuley Boteach and New Age tool charlatan Deepak Chopra, a tool of satan I have warned you about in past Devotionals. Jackson was also heavily influenced by several of his brothers who are deep in the false religion of Islam. Clearly Michael Jackson was a man lost and searching.

I know it makes people feel better when a famous person or someone they know dies, though think that they are in Heaven. This is why I have literally given my life 24/7/365 these past 20 years for the Gospel, because the FACT is, those who die without Jesus will not be in Heaven, but in the flames of hell for all eternity. What you believe matters, and based on what he believes, Michael Jackson is not in Heaven, but in eternal torment and punishment for his sins.

Keller is perhaps best known for declaring back during the Republican Primary that a vote for Mitt Romney was a vote for Satan and launching a campaign to make that position known. 

Obviously, Keller inhabits the far fringes of the Religious Right movement, out there where Janet Porter resides – after all she just invited Keller onto her radio program a few weeks ago.

Have I mentioned that Porter was also co-chair of Mike Huckabee Faith and Family Values Coalition during his presidential campaign and is co-hosting a conference later this year at which Huckabee is going to be the keynote speaker? 

It never hurts to occasionally remind everyone about the sorts of people with whom Porter, and by extension Huckabee, chooses to associate themselves.