Megachurch Pastor Jack Hibbs Says ‘The Transgender Agenda’ Is a ‘Plan of None Other Than Satan Himself’

Christian nationalist megachurch pastor Jack Hibbs posted a video on his YouTube channel Friday in which he claimed that “Christians are completely fine with transgender people doing their transgenderism in their own home” but that “transgenderism is actually a sexually perverted cult.”

Hibbs, the right-wing pastor of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills church in California, is an ardent supporter and close ally of Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk, who regularly uses Hibbs’ church to spread Christian nationalist pseudo-history via his TPUSA Faith organization. When Kirk recently faced protests over his attacks on transgender people, Hibbs rushed to Kirk’s defense, declaring that he was “ashamed” that he and other pastors are not facing similar protests. As if to make up for that, Hibbs has recently begun launching his own attacks on transgender individuals, as demonstrated in his latest video.

“The question is being asked by people, ‘Why are Christians making such a big deal about the transgender issue?'” Hibbs said. “It’s the transgender community that’s made it a big deal.”

“They’re the ones forcing it down people’s throats,” Hibbs insisted. “Christians are completely fine with transgender people doing their transgenderism in their own home, but when they include our kids, that’s what ignited the nation.”

“Parents will never surrender their kids to the transgender agenda,” he continued. “Transgenderism is a violation of the word and will of God. It’s a violation of humanity. It’s a violation of science. It’s a violation—if you’re an evolutionist—regarding evolution. It’s a violation on every front. It is perverted. It is debased. It is godless. It is insanity, and it is the propping up of a severe mental illness and/or the severe judgment of God.”

“Transgenderism is actually a sexually perverted cult,” Hibbs proclaimed. “The Christian is the only one with guts to stand up and say, ‘Hey, transgenders, you need Jesus. If you really want to transition, you need to transition over to Jesus Christ and be born again.'”

“Transgenderism is an anti-God, anti-Christ, plan of none other than Satan himself,” Hibbs concluded.

Given such views, it is no surprise that Hibbs recently announced that he was launching a nationwide campaign to require educators to out LGBTQ students all in the name of fighting the “demonic and dark satanic powers” that are supposedly “sexualizing” and “mentally abusing” them via the public school system.

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